Removing the need for wearers to move their head every time they want to see clearly

Progressive lenses should provide clear vision, whatever the distance, in every day use. However, an area that often presents problems for progressive lens wearers is the intermediate zone.

The Sirus Plus solution


A revolutionary, newly-patented technology for progressive lenses with a digital rear surface. Two new technologies to optimise the intermediate fields of vision

  • Stabalisation of power in the intermediate vision zone

  • Localised aspherisation layers in the intermediate vision zone

Wearer benefits

  • A wide and stable intermediate zone keeps head movements to a minimum

  • Wide vision leads to a natural posture when reading

  • Stable vision when wearers are on the move, for visual comfort and fast adaptation

  • Perfect balance for visual comfort and a smooth transition between reading, intermediate, and distance zones

Sirus Plus Mio

Sirus Plus Mio goes further by taking account of the form of the frame, parameters specific to the wearer's face, and their natural reading distance. It means every frame style is available to everyone.

For more information on Sirus Plus lenses please click here to download a brochure.

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