High performance anti-reflection coating


Transparency and long lasting protection


Did you know?

UV rays are harmful to the eyes as well as the skin. They affect everyone all year long, even on cloudy days. Moreover, 50% of UV rays reaching your eyes do not come from direct exposure to sunlight but are reflected from various surfaces. To avoid ageing of the eyes and eye damage, you should protect your eyes by choosing corrective lenses with a high protection index.

Our anti-reflective treatment, Neva Max UV, benefits from technology capable of reducing UV reflections on the back surface of the lens, thus ensuring excellent protection throughout the year. This innovation comes in addition to the other characteristics of Neva� Max: durable transparency and resistance to water, grease, dust and micro-scratches.

Daily Benefits

  • Excellent transparency

  • Protects against UV rays

  • Exceptional scratch resistance

  • Significantly reduced reflections


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