High performance anti-reflection coating


Neva Max UV: protection against micro-scratches

The addition of 'Max' to a product's name indicates tat it offers maximum protection against the micro-scratches whose cumulative effects can ruin a lens. In independent, real life simulation tests, Neva Max UV achieved the best rating of any lens.

It is also an excellent anti-reflection lens, both on the front and back surfaces.

Neva Max UV: great UV protection

Neva Max UV gives complete protection from UV ray transmission through the front surface and reflections from the back surface. It gives real protection from direct and ambient UV.

The Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 

This measure of the ability of a lens to filter out UV has become internationally recognised in recent years. It's a simple measure to communicate to patients. an E-SPF of 25 means that wearing such a lens gives 25 times more protection than not wearing lenses at all. Inspired by the cosmetic industry standard of UV protection, the E-SPF rating system follows a simple pattern: the higher the E-SPF, the better the UV protection. 

Neva Max UV E-SPF


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