The principle of ametropia: the image of a distant object forms either in front of or behind the retina. Correcting either short or long sightedness, unifocal lenses are advised for simple ametropias: myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism.

Progressive lenses

In this section, BBGR presents the evolution of Progressive lenses.


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Anti reflection

60 % of wearers have yet to benefit from the advantages offered by anti-reflective lenses. This is, however, not surprising when you consider that 86% of these wearers have never been told about this treatment.

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Digital surfacing

Digital surfacing is the latest generation technology used to manufacture ophthalmic lenses. BBGR delivers insight into the trend that is increasingly becoming a must-have in the world of optics.

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Childrens Vision

A major part of children's learning involves their eyesight. This section examines the problems that can affect the eyes of small children, how to detect them and how to correct them efficiently.

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Sun Lenses

Surveys confirm that the general public is still not aware of the harmful effects ultraviolet rays can have on the eyes. Discover here why protecting wearers from the risks of UV should become a top priority for all ECPs.

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