Progressive Lenses

BBGR's comprehensive range of progressive lenses ensures that there is a progressive lens for every need and for every budget.

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Single Vision

BBGR offers a full range of digitally and traditionally produced lenses, catering to the needs of all single vision wearers.

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A selection of lenses that reduce visual fatigue for all wearers, particularly when working on computers.

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Xperio Polarising

The benchmark for polarising lenses to eliminate glare associated with reflected light. Xperio is ideal for driving and everyday sunwear.

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Transitions lightweight, variable tint lenses quickly adjust to the lighting conditions for comfort in all lighting situations whilst offering protection from UV.

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BBGR SPORTS lenses have been specifically designed to offer superior correction for wraparound eyewear. Great for many sports, particularly where UV levels are high.

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Our Company


BBGR are a French lens manufacturer, and have been producting innovative eyewear for more than 160 years. The quality of BBGR lenses is tried and tested, giving you the guarantee of optimal visual accuracy and comfort. Established in 1846, the BBGR Provins plant can lay claim to a long-standing legacy of skill and expertise. Today it is Europe's largest lens production and development facility.

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