Our Lenses

BBGR has developed a wide range of innovative lenses to suit all wearers' needs. Thanks to cutting-edge technology processes, this range regularly undergoes constant improvements, confirmed by stringent test procedures throughout the development phase.

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Our Materials

The wide scope of materials used by BBGR enables the company to meet the most demanding wearers' needs in terms of comfort, protection and aesthetics.

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Our Coatings

BBGR is at the forefront of technological innovation for lens coating. 

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BBGR are a French lens manufacturer, and have been producting innovative eyewear for more than 160 years. The quality of BBGR lenses is tried and tested, giving you the guarantee of optimal visual accuracy and comfort. Established in 1846, the BBGR Provins plant can lay claim to a long-standing legacy of skill and expertise. Today it is Europe's largest lens production and development facility.

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