Producing innovative eyewear for more than 160 years. 

BBGR is an international lens manufacturer headquartered in France. It has been designing and manufacturing lenses since 1846.

BBGR's plant situated in Provins is Europe's largest lens production and development facility. BBGR has over 30 million customers all over the world.

BBGR are innovators:

  • Intuitiv is the world's first progressive lens with separate designs for right and left handed wearers

  • Neva Max Secret anti reflectant lens has no colour bloom like traditional coatings, it gives protection in an almost invisible lens

  • BBGR was one of the first lens manufacturers to receive the "Origine France Garantie"

  • BBGR was one of the first to offer a full range of digital dual surfaced lenses.

  • BBGR's EyeMio technology was one of the first to take precise measurements using a tablet

Thanks to its innovative outlook and inventions, BBGR has more than 34 million satisfied customers.

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