A unique progressive lens

Observe a right or left handed person typing into a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet, or even in more traditional situations like using a pen and paper, and you will see that they adopt very different postures.

Being left or right handed dictates how we position ourselves in relation to a book or tablet, which affects our posture and visual performance.

Everyone is either left or right handed, and yet until the launch of Intuitiv Plus, no progressive lense has taken this into account.

 Daily benefits of Intuitiv Plus

  • Unprecedented visual fluidity

  • Unparalleled visual comfort in near and intermediate vision

  • Freer of posture in all daily activities

  • Immediate adaptation

  • Natural vision at all distances

  • Up to 35% more useful vision!*

Two innovative and patented technologies


Intuitiv Plus Mio

Intuitiv Plus Mio goes further by taking account of the form of the frame, parameters specific to the wearer's face, and their natural reading distance. It means every frame style is available to everyone.

For more information on Intuitiv Plus lenses please click here to download a brochure.

*Physical measurement on the lens obtained for close and intermediate vision, depending on the strength and sidedness

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