Anateo Plus is ideal for presbyopes of all ages requiring the best visual quality current technology can provide.

Anateo Plus was the first progressive lens to take the eye's anatomy - it's size, position and shape - into account. 
Biometric technology now allows each wearer, whatever their correction, to discover a newer, wider and more comfortable field of vision.    


Personalisation according to the anatomy of the eye


Ocular length can vary from as much as 20.5 mm to 28 mm, or a height of 30% in an emmetropic eye.

BBGR's ground-breaking research has developed a means of modelling the anaomy of the eye based on the wearers prescription. It includes:

  • Eye length: a longer eye leads to myopia, while a shorter one leads to hypermetropia

  • The position of the eye rotation centre: the longer the eye, the further the centre of rotation will be from the lens.

  • The retinal curve: a longer eye has a steepr retinal curve than a short eye

These factors are taken into account in personalising the complete surface of an Anateo Plus progressive lens. It delivers unequalled visual comfort.

Wearer's benefits

The ideal solution offering the fastest adaptation and the most natural vision, as well as:

  • Wider fields 

  • A softer surface 

  • Sharp vision at all distances.

Anateo Plus Mio

Anateo Plus Mio goes further by taking account of the form of the frame, parameters specific to the wearer's face, and their natural reading distance. It means every frame style is available to everyone.

For more information on Anateo Plus lenses please click here to download a brochure.

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