Multipair Promotion Terms and Conditions

Buy a pair of BBGR branded Transitions Gen 8 lenses with Neva Max UV and get a second pair of lenses for £10 per lens.

All first pairs must be ordered with a Neva Max UV coating. This includes Neva Max UV, Neva Max Blue UV, and Neva Max UV with Night Drive Boost. All first pairs must also include Transitions Gen 8 technology.

Promotion applies to BBGR branded Rx SV lenses and Premium progressive lenses (Intuitiv, Anateo and Sirus Plus) ordered with Neva Max UV family coating.

There are 3 possible options for the second pair, and the additional prices are cumulative:

First pair - Gen 8 Premium PAL/Pulseo/Aspheo/SV RX Neva Max family only - second pair matching design is - £10.00 for 1.5 Clear Neva Max family         

Upgrade to match index of first pair - additional  £5.00 per lens (£15.00 per lens total)

Add Transitions/polarised to second pair - additional £10.00 per lens (£25.00 per lens total)


If the first pair is single vision, the second pair must also be single vision.

If the first pair is progressives then the second pair can be single vision or progressives up to the design and material of the original pair.

The £10 per lens promotional pricing applies to lenses lower or equal value to the first pair.

The promotion runs from 1st January 2020 until 31st December 2020.

Both pairs must be ordered on the same day.

Second pair progressive lenses must be the same lens design as the first pair.

Both pairs must be for the same patient and must be ordered with the same patient reference.

Tonic, Diams and Neva + UV family lenses do not qualify as first pair lenses but may be supplied on the second pair if no upgrade is selected.

Quadro and Aptive progressive lenses, all stock lenses, and all bifocals are not included as qualifying first pair promotion orders.

All first and second pair orders must clearly state the ​voucher code on the order. If this code is not clearly marked on the order, the promotions discount will not be applied. Orders can be placed online, by fax, or over the phone. If placed over the phone, ​the voucher code must be quoted.

For online orders, the ​voucher code must be entered into the PO field.

The patient reference must be the same on both first and second pair orders or the order will not be processed with the promotional discount.

The promotional second pair discount cannot be applied after the order has been processed. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the code is entered in correctly.

This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other BBGR pricing promotion throughout 2020.

Your existing BBGR discount will still be applied for the first pair.

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